Limestone Mediation

Limestone Mediation Ltd provides comprehensive mediation services. Mediation is an effective, creative and confidential problem solving process used to resolve a wide variety of disputes.
Limestone Mediation has a team of experienced, professionally trained mediators that provide the following services:

Family Mediation:
Family mediation services are provided in Frontenac and Lennox and Addington counties under contract with the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. Fees are on a sliding scale.

The primary goal is to help separated or divorced families resolve specific issues in a way that is fair and mutually agreeable.  Mediation requires that all participants have the capacity to negotiate safely, voluntarily and competently. The mediation process encourages participants to listen to and understand each other’s point of view, have a discussion that generates various options, and develop solutions that meet the needs of all participants; solutions that everyone can live with. The mediator can help parents understand how children are affected by separation and by conflict.  When conflict is reduced, participants are able to make more sustainable decisions re: custody, access, decision making, effective communication, parenting plans, division of assets, child support, spousal support and effects of separation and divorce on children.

Family mediation is not a legal process. We strongly recommend that all clients seek independent legal advice throughout the mediation process.

Mandatory Information Sessions:
Limestone Mediation delivers the Mandatory Information Sessions as required by the Ministry of the Attorney General. 

Family Law Information Centre:
There are free pamphlets, videos and resources available.

The Information and Referral Coordinator:
• works collaboratively with court staff and Advice and Duty Counsel
• makes referrals to Advice Counsel, Mediation and appropriate community resources
• reschedules the Mandatory Information Program sessions

Child Protection Mediation:
Ontario Children’s Aid Societies are now required to utilize alternative dispute resolution methods when appropriate.
An Ontario Child Protection Mediation Roster has been established and is managed by the Ontario Association for Family Mediation.

Elder Mediation:
Elder mediation can help aging parents and family members resolve difficult decisions.  This could include decisions about living arrangements, health and medical issues, long term care, finances, caregiver issues, or activities of daily living.

Community/Workplace Mediation:
This process helps recreate healthy workplace/community environments in the aftermath of conflict.

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